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May 2017

Our new home “the flat”


Our new home "the flat" is shaping up homely.8481FE1F-8915-4D7B-9DF7-E9CC89148986.jpeg6A0EC871-76E4-4267-8D6A-7B8E00E6FF3D.jpegB12CEBBB-451D-4659-847B-0AC8DEB622A0.jpeg6F04D7A3-D1B3-424F-BDD0-ACC95CEBEF54.jpeg17AB8D4F-BBC1-41EB-83D6-67CB59644419.jpeg3E75CD60-A930-4024-BF9C-43878B70031B.jpegC52E6CC6-AE22-4BA9-8A65-E4A6111EC92C.jpeg0A9DA3F1-D285-45D5-942A-D926986898B7.jpegF67C2CDF-61ED-4CBE-A3F9-8E4FBEEAFB0A.jpeg

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Moving Day


Huge thanks to Diana and Mum (Lynn) for all the help today moving us to the flat at Mum's place. These ladies and Col and I got most of the house moved today. Still a bit to do but we did majority of it today. Wow moving is such a huge task. Especially when you have 4 places on the go: to the flat, to storage, to vinnies or to the dump.47F84F7F-5A78-4FBD-AF2C-E95C783DA49E.jpeg7FC02D4F-7BEE-4886-9B28-6E63D1CBCB6C.jpeg351D7313-BFAC-47EC-862E-2490CDCFAB4B.jpeg226987B6-7ECD-4EF1-A558-7EC28B33C819.jpegC5289EA7-44A6-4ABA-B0F0-ABECA944573B.jpeg

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Last night in our house

Last sleep in Narangba house for the Tunney Town Cottage. Such a strange feeling - but the adventure begins!! I'll do a post of move day tomorrow 😉. Miss Kadence is sad to say goodbye to her "haven" 😔

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