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How to keep enough books for 3 kids that LOVE ❤️ reading for 12 months

Today we went to our Local library and joined. We then added the app Libby to our iPads. Through this app we can borrow up to 10 books at a time while we are travelling. 1000’s of books available and also audiobooks through Borrow Box. For all three of our bookworms this was very exciting!!!5B71CFD7-37F7-4540-8D6E-C40E4646EFBA.jpeg

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Banjo joins the crew

I received a very special gift from my work/school this week and wishing us an amazing adventure. We love him and can't wait to get photos all over America but he needs a name!! So first competition for our group, yes we will have comps as we travel with donations that we will be given. Name the travel bear comp. Put your suggestions below to be in the comp.1C76480A-9AD2-438C-8C16-3D5D02AFE720.jpeg

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Classroom Packup

Leaving my work for 12 months as a Primary School Teacher


Classroom is packed up and tomorrow is scrub a dub cleaning day!! My school resources are in storage.Classroom is cleaned!! Resources in storage and goodbyes have been said. Officially on holidays until 2019.

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Sold our house at narangba


So this happened this week! Woot woot! This has probably been the biggest hurdle so far. Contributing to two mortgages was a little tough. But exciting that we close the door on Narangba and have our dream home to move to when we get back (well soon after we are back). Thank you Donna for your amazing work 😘. Find Donna Here.

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Visa Arrived

Wow!! Amazing service American Consulate Sydney!! Look what arrived today! So exciting!!! How quick was that. And I love that the office ladies at work were as excited as me haha 😂 Paula, Siobhan and Jodie. So ironic that our passport covers arrived on the same day too. 😜

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