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Blue Springs State Park, Florida


Today was a road trip day. We had a cooked breakkie then headed to Blue Springs, Florida for the day. We got to see the Florida manatees (sea cows). They come down to Florida for the winter as they prefer the warmer waters. We also saw some Florida gar and mullet. Then a short boardwalk to see the cave where scuba divers can explore. It was a bit overcast today so we had warm soup for lunch. When you go to the deli in Publix (supermarket) they have fresh made hot soup for sale. Perfect for the cooler weather 😊A949402F-3253-4568-B3EE-E4964847C952.jpeg6D78F529-62B3-40E4-963F-BCA65FF96E20.jpeg9F1DB041-9F93-4A65-B472-6ED8DB3EA195.jpeg1AB929D5-9468-4247-BD86-3519150B9708.jpegCAF6651C-312F-4A0D-B237-3EE1A6F2A873.jpegBC365735-C3B2-44E3-BF12-DCF356277F7C.jpegBFB311C1-B036-403D-90DD-179019CE7AE0.jpeg6A7913A8-4EDE-4BA0-A5CE-B60DFCB1B6E7.jpeg

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Legoland, Florida

Recommend for 3 to 12 yrs old


Our LEGO boy won Master builder competition at the Legoland hotel the night we stayed 😊. So proud of him. They had to build a monster. Dominic built an Australian Drop Bear with laser eyes, sharp claws and teeth like a raptor haha 🀣. I think they fell in love with the Aussie humour. He also got to complete a master class with a LEGO builder from Legoland the next day. Then at the pool he built a lounge chair lol πŸ˜†. E5C124A5-C055-4A12-994F-03A22D5EA2DF.jpegA0A7CC10-A768-41AA-9211-3DA17E560CE3.jpegAED68ABF-1FF3-4F23-A939-A56D5B0268DF.jpeg483A233B-DA49-4EA1-B574-AB9C86FBE0BD.jpegBC64D939-5056-4F0B-8A6A-6B3581D81FFC.jpeg90D1AF95-13DA-4937-A977-9BFC3002D59E.jpeg6D3F3365-21D2-4BCA-9B49-B00557779C4C.jpeg

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Finally found our RV

We have had an amazing time with friends and thank Cathy and Robert so much for allowing us to stay with them and all the awesome things we did. We are still hanging around Orlando and Florida for a little while to get settled into our new home but Today starts our new adventure!!! Living in an RV. We are on our way to Walmart to deck out the RV with supplies. Then find somewhere to park for the night 😊🀣😘😍

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Daytona Beach

Fishing fun, sun and surf

My boys fishing at sunrise at Daytona Beach πŸŒ… with Aunty Cathy and Daddy.
Banjo met the beach

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Searching for an RV


Last two days has been lots of driving to check out used RV’s. We have a budget and list of what we need the RV to have to make this trip work. And we aren’t budging. For example - less than 34’ so we can get access into all national parks. Today I think we found it 😍 now to organise currency transfer at the best rate from AUS to USA and the dramas that brings. I’ll do a video update again soon. And a big thank you to Uncle Robert for looking after the kiddles today so we could go looking solo.

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