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Chill day

Cereals 🥣 and pets 🐰

Today was a chill day. Super important to have these. The kids tried some American cereals for breakfast. I know they aren’t the healthiest choices but gotta try these things. Especially Easter special edition cereal haha 🤣 we also found a coffee mug for Col and a soup mug for Kade (Nana calls her pumpkin and it was only $2). We then found a laundromat and went to a pet shop to have a look while the washing was on. Imagine having a pet bunny or ferret. They were so cute!! Or maybe you’d prefer glofish (yes they glow) or a snake or chameleon.

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Junior Ranger program

Today the kids are starting the Junior Ranger program.67B5CE38-2F43-4010-B831-CB9C7C44D4A6.jpeg49F64C70-12B7-4A2F-9E87-1BAD5FC5C564.jpeg19239EFF-1F3C-4C12-9ACF-ECC1C3191BEB.jpeg

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Legoland, Florida

Recommend for 3 to 12 yrs old


Our LEGO boy won Master builder competition at the Legoland hotel the night we stayed 😊. So proud of him. They had to build a monster. Dominic built an Australian Drop Bear with laser eyes, sharp claws and teeth like a raptor haha 🤣. I think they fell in love with the Aussie humour. He also got to complete a master class with a LEGO builder from Legoland the next day. Then at the pool he built a lounge chair lol 😆. E5C124A5-C055-4A12-994F-03A22D5EA2DF.jpegA0A7CC10-A768-41AA-9211-3DA17E560CE3.jpegAED68ABF-1FF3-4F23-A939-A56D5B0268DF.jpeg483A233B-DA49-4EA1-B574-AB9C86FBE0BD.jpegBC64D939-5056-4F0B-8A6A-6B3581D81FFC.jpeg90D1AF95-13DA-4937-A977-9BFC3002D59E.jpeg6D3F3365-21D2-4BCA-9B49-B00557779C4C.jpeg

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Third leg to begin our journey

Los Angeles, USA to Orlando, Florida, USA

Finally made it to Orlando, Florida 🏝 last flight was fully packed so my hand luggage had to go under the plane too. Nate is running on Adrenalin and won’t stop talking haha 😂 now to find our van we hired for the day.1DAC3119-1CC7-4AF4-8073-82F675E5F847.jpegE62EAD17-8A45-4CAF-84E0-9ACF4D49DF53.jpegDB51C610-A3EB-497E-8EC4-44032B61E824.jpeg

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Second leg of our journey to begin

Flying Nadi, Fiji to Los Angeles, USA

Update: we arrived safely in LA after our overnight flight. Checked in our luggage for next flight and headed to Culver City Westfield. Lunch and look at shops. Now at gate for last leg 😊 Nate has his first bag of Goldfish. We have only lost a tube of toothpaste and Nate’s play dough due to different restrictions over 3 countries.

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