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Sold our house at narangba


So this happened this week! Woot woot! This has probably been the biggest hurdle so far. Contributing to two mortgages was a little tough. But exciting that we close the door on Narangba and have our dream home to move to when we get back (well soon after we are back). Thank you Donna for your amazing work 😘. Find Donna Here.

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Yard cleanup


Now that we have moved. The cleanup begins. Yard work again today. These people are awesome!! So grateful to them.AEAAD7A7-DA9E-494D-8014-791AA2497C9D.jpeg09CFC6A0-7F4F-419B-AD5C-975076151B2A.jpeg4AE35A7A-BA9E-4519-AA54-C5E63DDC85DA.jpeg

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Hard choices


This is all becoming real.......
Packing a house is such a time consuming task. But the three piles is making it more time consuming.
1. Get rid of
2. Take to Mum's to use - we are moving in with Mum for a while before and after our journey. Thanks so much Ma.
3. Pack away for 18 months. This is a bit hard for the kids.CA960BE6-1036-4F06-8AC0-DD3D21A432FB.jpegA7CE1777-F7D9-4E42-AFE1-63126F2BA8D7.jpeg

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