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Junior Ranger program

Today the kids are starting the Junior Ranger program.67B5CE38-2F43-4010-B831-CB9C7C44D4A6.jpeg49F64C70-12B7-4A2F-9E87-1BAD5FC5C564.jpeg19239EFF-1F3C-4C12-9ACF-ECC1C3191BEB.jpeg

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Banjo joins the crew

I received a very special gift from my work/school this week and wishing us an amazing adventure. We love him and can't wait to get photos all over America but he needs a name!! So first competition for our group, yes we will have comps as we travel with donations that we will be given. Name the travel bear comp. Put your suggestions below to be in the comp.1C76480A-9AD2-438C-8C16-3D5D02AFE720.jpeg

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School enrollment for our kids

Cairns School of Distance Education

Such a bizarre feeling when you are filling out enrolment forms for your boys to change schools closer to your new house, and at the same time I'm filling out Distance Education forms for travelling. Our children are using Distance education while we are traveling. This means that they have a teacher back in Australia and they do all of their schoolwork online. We then scan their work and email it to the teacher in Australia. We have chosen to use Cairns School Of Distance Education

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